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The Unidentified Redhead  - Alice Clayton Wow, from the first five sentences onwards I knew this is my kind of book.It has pretty much everything I enjoy in a start-and-don't-put-away-till-you-are-on-the-last-page book:1. Likable and threedimensional characters, not only the main characters, even (I say even because I read far too many books where even the main characters were cheap cardboard cutouts) the supporting characters had so much texture that I got a feeling who they were as characters. Grace was so fantastic, she felt very relatable. I adore her self-confidence and humor, but it was the little insecurities and the way she handled her life that made me love her. There is one time she says "Once a fat girl, always a fat girl in your head." Gah, I love her.Jack, oh Jack. You are one fine mancandy. I am not objectifying Jack, he is just candy in-and-outside. He is cheeky, snarky, sweet and did I say candy? Seriously Miss Clayton, if Peter is your Jack, you are one lucky lady ;)2. BANTER, oh the banter, I love me some banter. I cackeled, I laughed, I was amused. It was like watching a fast-paced tennis match, their flirtations and innuendos...oh, I enjoyed them too much. Why are those That's what she said-jokes so hilarious to me!!!?Generally I enjoyed the fast-paced conversations between all the characters, it made me read the book with a grin on my face the whole time.3. Lots of HOT sex times. You will need some water next to you.I give this book 5 stars, I came in with low expectations and was blown away by the awesomeness. I was kind of nervous to read on when I reached the Michael-part, because oh damn. I don't enjoy those stories where you have the heroine with complicated I don't know who to choose, let me test both first-drama. But luckily that didn't happen! So yep, 5 stars it is!I finished this book feeling good but with one question in my mind: From all the appreciation Grace gets for her boobs, I concluded that she is a lady with rather big bosoms. So how can she run (I believe it was around 60 minutes) without a bra?! Did she hold them in her hands while running? Or does she not feel pain in her breast area? I don't understand. Please share your secret Grace.